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What to wear on a studio photoshoot.

A studio portrait photoshoot has a very different look to an outdoor one, and therefore the rules of what to wear are different too! Of course the reason for your photoshoot is something to keep in mind wether it is a family portrait session or headshot for your business. However if you keep these points in mind you won't go wrong! Im going to keep it short and sweet for you. 1) Always check with me before you wear white. Now I love the look of a crisp white shirt and some jeans, its the perfect laid back yet chic look and look great in a black and white photograph, however if we have a miscommunication and I've turned up with my white background and you've turned up in your white shirt then according to the laws of exposure either the background or your shirt is going to look a dirty grey. 2) Much the same as an outdoor photoshoot please stay away from patterns, especially if it's a group shot, clashing patterns looks busy and unappealing. 3

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