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Introducing a New Series.......
In The Frame!
This is a new series I will be doing regularly on my blog and its a piece from the client!

I give them a questionnaire and they tell me in their own words what having a photoshoot was like, what they were nervous about, how did I help them, how did they need to prepare etc.

Everything you need to know should you be thinking about booking a portrait session with me!

You can see behind the scenes photos and get all the goss straight from the client.

I can go on and on about what a photoshoot is like with me, but really you want to know what its like on the other side of the camera and this series will open that up for you!

So to start us of we have the wonderful Nisha and Vijay from Luton who had their second newborn shoot with me. Over to Nisha!

So why did you choose to have a professional photoshoot?
To have memories which will last a lifetime created by a professional so the standard is high. 
What worries of yours did I address before the…

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