In The Frame - Jacintha's Maternity Shoot.

This is the lovely Jacintha. She is from Luton and expecting her 3rd child. Her friend suggested and arranged for her to do a maternity shoot. With 2 other children this pregnancy wasn't getting much air time so this maternity photoshoot was a great way to document and feel like a star for a few hours.

Over to Jacintha on how she felt being In The Frame......

Why did you choose to have a professional photoshoot?

It was something different a nice keepsake whilst pregnant to capture a special moment in my life. Gave me the opportunity to pause, enjoy being pregnant for a bit and capture a beautiful memory.

What worries of yours did I address before the shoot?

I didn't have any worries in particular, but Leonie explained everything really well, how the images would be used the kind of shots she would like to take. Knowing that helped and made me feel prepared and know what to expect.

How did you have to prep before the shoot?

I got a few outfits together that would accentuate my bump, the advice from Leonie on what kind of things to wear was great as it helped not get flustered with picking outfits out.

How did you feel once I arrived for your photoshoot?

I was a little nervous, but also excited.

What did I do that helped you to relax?

When I arrived Leonie had a big friendly smile and was so welcoming and talkative which was so nice as it put me at ease. Throughout the photoshoot we had a laugh and kept things light ,which made it a great experience . All of the shots were fun and I loved how laid back and chilled Leonie was, we very much went with the flow.

How did we get the shots for the day, did I direct you (and did you like that) or did we let things naturally take their course (and did you like that?)
We did a bit of both, directions from you and that was great because I knew what to do and what you wanted. We also let things naturally take their course and I loved the fact that you allowed us to throw in some ideas as well. That made it a more personal experience

How long did you have to wait for your images?

Im not sure however you were great at keeping in touch and updating on progress.

Were you happy with the outcome and why?

Yes the images were amazing, I don't feel like a very photogenic person but those images,every time I look at them they make me feel amazing. Leonie truly captured a special moment of time in my life.

Would you recommend me to anyone?

Yes I would, anyone who is pregnant and wants to feel like a superstar and have some beautiful images to treasure should book a shoot with Leonie. It is the most intimate and amazing experience, and is worth every penny.

What advice would you give someone thinking of booking a professional photoshoot?

Go with a photographer that doesn't make taking photos feel like hard work, choose someone that makes it fun and relaxed and does only what you are comfortable with and captures some amazing shots.


Thank you so much Jacintha!! If you want to know more information on booking a maternity photoshoot with me then just sent me a message in the contact me page.


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