What to Wear on Photoshoot!

That is such a frequently asked question. How many of you have decided on your wonderful location been excited on the lead up to your shoot and then looked at the weather and though what on earth am I going to wear!???

Your outfit choices have huge effect on the look of the images wether its an indoor shoot or an outdoor one, but don't worry because Ive got you covered if you apply these few simple rules!

1-No Patterns!

I  know, I know, you love that new Joules shirt with all the cute squirrels on it, however your wearing squirrels your little girl is wearing her favourite sparkly top and little man is crazy on dinosaurs at the minute, plus your other half is in his trusty smart/casual shirt.
Queue the clashes! Are you guys even in the same family!?
Put you all in a gorgeous location, surrounded by rows and rows of amazing golden leaves, or a gorgeous bandstand with a lake behind you, what the heck am I supposed to be looking at in the final image! There is too many eye catching things!

Plain clothing is the way to go, a few stripes or checks look good and add some texture into your clothing, but the main rule is to keep it as simple and plain as possible, we want our eye to focus on all your gorgeous faces!

2- Make sure you do not colour clash with each other.

A good rule for this is to choose an accent colour, lets say burgundy for example for your Autumn shoot. If all of you have a little burgundy somewhere in your outfits, say a scarf, a jumper or a hat etc then you all naturally tie in without being all matchy matchy.

3-Choose your colours according to the season.

This works especially well if you have booked an outdoor session. The colours prominent in a image set the tone and emotion.

Summer - Bright
Autumn -  Warm Hues such as your mustards, Burnt Oranges and Navy
Winter - Reds and Greens
Spring - Pastels

These are the accent colours on your plain everyday clothes such as blacks, blues, browns etc whatever you choose to go for. Please don't turn up in an all mustard outfit!!

4 - Think of your Outerwear.

This is especially important for children. You have a lovely winter shoot booked, but its freezing and you don't want them to catch a cold, of course they have to wear a coat!
However do you want this coat in all the pictures, does YOUR coat give you no shape and most importantly does the collar constantly ride up so face, chins, mouths are constantly covered. A great way around this is Gillets. I love a Gillet! It doesn't dominate the look of an outfit yet it keeps in warmth and its not over bulky. For us ladies and older girls a thick cardigan with a big scarf look really nice aswell.
Also keep in mind footwear. Does the location require lots of walking, will heels be digging into grass and will there be lots of mud?
Wellingtons can look really nice but only if an outfit is planned for it. Especially in England we never know! A summer dress and pair of wellies does look pretty cool in my opinion, remember though, no colour and pattern clashing!

Thats pretty much it! Keep these 4 simple rules in mind and you will be fine. You don't need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for the shoot if you don't want to, these should be easy to implement with what you already have! Feel free to share this with anyone who has an upcoming photoshoot.

I hope that helps and as ever any questions let me know or pop them in the comment box below!

Leonie xxx


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