Why have a photoshoot with me?

There are so many amazing portrait photographers in the Herts, Beds and Bucks area, you have so many choices. But why choose me?

Firstly I think the question is why am I a photographer?
Its not something I fell into, but something I wanted to do. I always wanted to do something creative. I started studying general art and loved the photography side, so I decided to swap courses and do a full time photography course for 2 years so I could really specialise in the subject. 
After that I needed experience and actually landed my first photography job within a year of leaving college
Having a clear goal straight from leaving school meant that I have now built up over 11years experience in the industry!

Im a real people person! Growing up I was really encouraged to talk and spend time with not just people my age, but older ones too. I love hearing peoples back stories, how they met, what they do for work, etc this means that people feel relaxed and a connection is created in the images

Im great with kids! Or so I am told, which Im pretty pleased about as of course thats my job right there! I think because I'm pretty short it instantly makes kids feel relaxed around me, (because I'm basically their peer now) but that means I get great images and real connection with them!

Each image I deliver has been thought about a lot! Im a stickler for details and I think its important to work on the tiny details you will never see, because if I don't work on them, you may see them!

For example if your nail polish is slightly chipped, I'll fill it in for you post production. If there is lint on your top, that will be removed. 
Even whilst shooting I will always be looking to see what I can move and change to make the image even better.

Anybody can take a photo. Most people can set up an image, but not everyone has the expertise or knowledge to make an image pop, only an experienced and trained professional can do that.

I believe service is important. I talk to you all the time in the lead up to your portrait shoot.
I realise a photoshoot can be nerve wracking, heck I chose a job BEHIND  the camera!
I have a telephone or face to face consultation with you. We discuss what you are expecting and want to include in the shoot. 
Im always on the end of the phone a WhatsApp conversation or Skype. You can send me images of your new wardrobe for the shoot and I will tell you what will work and what won't. You can send me a million Pinterest images and I will use them as inspiration for your shoot. I will help you choose a location that is personal for you and I will do all the chasing and research to make sure that we can use it.

I don't like to sell to you! If someone is a pushy salesman then even if I like the product I'll walk away because I don't like the pressure. I will treat you in just the same way. Thats why I have created 3 packages so you can choose what suits you best ahead of time and of course there is the A La Carte Menu too so you can swap or add any products onto your package.

All my products are of good quality. No ordering from photo box here! I've made sure that they all have guarantees, are made from the best material for your money and will last many lifetimes!

So your not just hiring a small girl with a big camera, but you are gaining a professional, with a lot of experience and training who delivers a fantastic service and great quality products!


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